Topics of master and bachelor theses in pedagogy

Topics of master and bachelor theses in pedagogy

Pedagogy is a science about upbringing and forms of organization of educational processes, both in educational institutions and family homes. Choosing the topic of the diploma thesis may be more difficult than it seems at first. Many promoters give their students examples of works from pedagogy. Then the task is simpler because it is enough to choose one of the topics proposed.

If, however, your promoter did not provide ready-made topics, see our suggestions. Maybe they will inspire you and make your decision easier.

In the previous article we presented examples of bachelor’s theses from pedagogy.

Now we give further proposals of topics, not only undergraduate but also master’s theses.

Topics of master thesis – pedagogy

By discussing more general topics:

  • Activities of the Central Examination Board in UK.
  • Influence of the Internet on the development of middle school students.
  • Problems of early childhood education in the European Union.
  • Bloggers as the authorities of contemporary youth.

You can also focus on bringing up children at school and in the family:

  • The influence of family pathology on school successes.
  • Contemporary youth subcultures and their influence on educational problems.
  • Attitudes of students towards disabled peers.
  • Topics of bachelor thesis – pedagogy
  • Bachelor’s thesis is shorter than the master’s thesis, however the subject may be the same.

Sample topics of bachelor thesis pedagogy:

  • The role of school trips in the process of student integration.
  • Review of reading methods in early childhood education.
  • The development of sexual identity among junior high school students.
  • The motivation of a gifted student.

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