How to start writing a master thesis?

How to start writing a master thesis?

Writing a master’s thesis is a long-lasting process. It is not without reason that the promoters recommend that the preparations begin a year before the date of putting the work in the dean’s office. Where to start writing a master thesis? It’s best from the beginning. If you divide the whole process into smaller stages and consistently implement it, you will write the work without stress and on time.

How to start writing a master thesis? The 4 most important stages

1. First, deal with the formal issues: the choice of the promoter and the choice of the topic.

We wrote about here how to choose a promoter.

2. The next step is intensive work related to searching for materials and collecting a bibliography. At this stage you do not have to borrow all the books. Just look at them, for example in the library and assess whether they will be useful to work.

3. The next step is to develop a framework plan of work.

Many people mistake the work plan with a list of contents. The framework plan is just a list of issues that we want to include in the diploma thesis. The difference is that the work plan is created at the beginning, and the table of contents at the end of writing. It may also slightly change during work, but you should always consult the promoter.

The plan should be divided into two parts: theoretical and research. First, consider the theoretical considerations that will be raised at work. In the second part, outline the research process. Begin by determining the scope and purpose of the research you will carry out.

4. The last stage is implementation, i.e. writing.

We start with the theoretical part. As a rule, the first chapter of each work presents definitions of the most important concepts according to different authors. Thanks to this, you will get acquainted with the subject and easily move from the theoretical to the research part.

How to start writing a master thesis? Useful tips

1. You can easily collect bibliography based on data available on the internet. All you need to do is enter in the search engine “topic (eg early school pedagogy) + bibliography. The first pages should include ready-made collections of books that cover the given issue.

2. If possible, use online libraries. In many of them, you can get access to selected scientific books for a few zlotys or for free. Thanks to that, you will save a lot of time.

3. Set yourself smaller goals and try to implement them. For example, in one month, prepare a topic, plan and bibliography. Then promise yourself that once a week you will write several pages of work. After each written chapter, give the promoter the texts to be evaluated.

4. Before starting work, remove all diffusers, such as TV set, telephone, Facebook. Determine that you only devote to writing during given hours.

If you stick to these tips, you will defend your work on the first date, and you will become a master before the holidays.

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