Bachelor’s theses from international relations – examples of topics

Bachelor’s theses from international relations – examples of topics

We have already presented examples of topics of work in physiotherapy and pedagogy. Now we have prepared topics for students of international relations.

Topics of bachelor dissertations international relations

The object of science is international relations between states, enterprises, national organizations or political parties. In previous blog entries we have already mentioned that the topic of the work should be selected based on several criteria.


  • what issues you are interested in – then searching for materials, reading and writing will give you more pleasure;
  • which universal or current topics – processes on the international arena are very dynamic;
  • will you be able to collect materials for the development of the theoretical part;
  • what the promoter specializes in – the closer the subject will be to him, the more willingly he will help you.

Bachelor’s thesis international relations – themes inspiration

Certainly, the most interesting, but also the most difficult to elaborate topics are current international relations. Relations of European Union countries with countries wishing to join the EU Community. Relations between eastern and western countries, as well as UK, the USA and EU leaders. A major problem may be an objective reference to current conflicts.

Proposals of topics of bachelor theses of international relations:

  • Policy of the selected country at a given time;
  • Profiles of diplomats and their role in shaping international politics;
  • Instruments of regional policy in a given country;
  • The importance of the country (eg UK) in the EU;
  • Development perspectives of developing countries;
  • Analysis of the chosen armed conflict and its importance on international relations;
  • Presidential election in a given country;
  • Political and political transformations in a selected country;
  • Increased role of women in shaping international politics;
  • Evaluation of the effects of revolutionary social movements, for example, workers’ parties in the PRL period, or ecological movements.

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