An outline of the master’s thesis

An outline of the master’s thesis

The outline of the master thesis is a different scheme in which the content of the diploma thesis is summed up. You do not need to present the outline to the promoter. Although most professors do not require it, it is worth to prepare an outline for yourself. It significantly facilitates later writing. It makes it possible to understand what the whole process of writing work is all about.

Why is it worth to prepare a master’s thesis outline?

It organizes knowledge and enables the adoption of a specific strategy.

Thanks to the outline, a clear and coherent vision of work emerges.

You will not forget about important issues, because you will work step by step, based on the outline.

Facilitates the start of writing, from the general to the detail.

How to prepare a draft outline?

Outline should include such elements as:

  • The title of the work;
  • Theoretical assumptions;
  • Aim and subject of research, research problem, hypothesis, research methods;
  • Work plan;
  • Timetable;
  • Bibliography.

The outline should be prepared to take into account your needs and thus facilitate your work. If the promoter requires an outline preparation, it usually also defines what should be included in it. Then it may differ from our proposal.

The more work you put into working out an outline, the easier it will be for you to write a thesis yourself. Students often have a problem with writing jobs, because they do not know where to start. By laying out an outline, many issues suddenly become simple and easy to implement.

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